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Riley Dinneen  

Veterinary Assistant

Riley with her puppy Kailoh - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT Riley is currently attending Quinnipiac University and will graduate with a degree in Health Sciences in 2016. In the past years she has been gaining experience in the healthcare field, working and interning at physical therapy and diagnostic imaging facilities. MVC is Riley’s first experience working with animals professionally. She is looking to gain experience in this area so she can better decide whether she will pursue animal or human science post-graduation.

Animals have been a part of Riley’s life since she was a child. Having a variety of pets in her family as well as visiting and helping at her Aunt’s farm formed the love of animals that she carries with her today. She recently adopted a German Shepard/Pitbull puppy mix named Kailoh, who is growing fast and training extremely well! When she is not working at MVC or playing with Kailoh, Riley loves to exercise, play sports, and create art.

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